Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hello all you faithful readers , so nice of you to drop by. Well Christmas is over, tomorrow is New Years Eve. It is hard to believe, soon we will be in the year 2008. The years are really flying by, and there is so much work to be done. We need to get busy and write down our history, our memories, because before we know it, we will be old and gray and then we will be no more.
Someone told me, that they had received new information from their relatives during the holidays that really helps them to go further in their family tree. That is great news.
Christmas Eve, we gathered at Mom's home, all my siblings were together. The only one missing was my Dad. We sat in the living room and chatted about when we were young, then we got on the subject of dogs. That is when Mom said she had a dog, that watched over my oldest sister when Mom would put her outdoors in her carriage. No one could go near that carriage. Then she continued with the story of when her and Dad built their log cabin out in the woods, they had two big dogs and Dad would tie a log (probably not a big one) to each dog and say GIT HOME and Mom would be waiting at the other end and undo the logs and they would scoot back to my father.
Then the story continued, still on animals, my brother had two skunks, one he named Oscar, Mom said to him, If those skunks spray you are in big trouble, my brother replied then I will wash in a tub of tomato juice, but their dog got close to the skunk and sure enough he got a spraying and he ran and got under the bed sheets, Mom said "What a smell". grin.
Animals lovers must run in the family because I had a great uncle, he was a hermit, and a bachelor, he raised horses and exotic animals. He had various kinds of birds, peakcocks, with beautiful feathers, he had white deer (albino) and one time, one got loose , ran into the woods, was never found but later on there were deer coming out with lots of white on them. My great uncle would send away for these exotic animals.
It was so nice just getting together and talking and laughing. And it was good for us to be there with Mom. We had a favorite Acadian Dish, poutine rappees, I ate two of them. I enjoy mine with sugar, some like them with just salt. And we had trays of cheeses, and ham, and sweets. We exchanged gifts, my sister in law had my name, she gave me a package of make up. ( I need lots of that grin). I had picked my older brother's name, so I got him a Tshirt which said" I love my phone number, can I have yours? " He laughed when he opened it.
Christmas Day , we went to my son's home for dinner, the turkey was so tender and juicy, what a wonderful meal. I had taken over some cherry cheesecake , I made a double batch. It was good. And I enjoyed being with my son and his family. I notice how my grandchildren are growing up so fast. They enjoyed the books I made for them. I made them two different books but same principle, our Cormier ancestors. One of them mentions a little girl, named Marguerite, which is really from our Cormier line, and the other book talked about each generation.
I had also made a book for my sister in law, on her maternal line, with a photo of her mother who recently passed away on the cover, she phoned me and said 'what a beautiful book,thank you". That made me feel good.
I have added my New years wish for you on my website
plus I am nearly finished another census, which I shall add as soon as I have permission to add a photo. It will be on my site very soon.
Thanks for stopping by , I do hope you will drop in again.
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