Sunday, January 20, 2008

As you can see, Buddy is growing fast, and I was told he is one happy puppy, he has a family who loves him. Lots of toys and I can imagine he has the very best of food. My son told me, when Buddy gets exited he howls. grin.
On a sad note, our Shadow is not doing very well, we are taking him to the vet next week, he is going on 19 years of age , and now his hips are giving up on him. I called the vet today but it is Sunday so we were unable to take him in, she told us to give him some bufferin coated pills, she gave us the strenghth to get. And we went and got a bottle. I hid the pill in some cheese, and Shadow swalled it. He later fell asleep, I will give him another one tonight. The vet said give it to him for two days only and if he happens to stop eating do not give him any pills, well let me tell you he did not stop eating today, his appetite is really good. I don't know what the vet will say next week when we take him in. But some of you must remember me telling you about Fluffy my sons dog? Well she was at the same stage as Shadow for awhile and they put her on Bufferins and she was ok for nearly another year. But I honestly don't think Shadow will be ok for another year, Fluffy was four years younger than Shadow.
Well I have added two more pages to my site at one is a few parish records for New Orleans and Pointe Coupee Louisiana, I do hope they will benefit someone in their research. I shall need to reorganize my sidebar soon. I am also thinking of another project to add, it won't be genealogy but will be looking back in time. I got many emails about my Moncton Nostalgia page, it made me feel good, seeing how it brought back memories to so many people. I also enjoyed doing the page. So watch for my next Nostalgia page at a later date.
I have also set up a get well card for my friend Maria ,just in case you wonder who she is, when you visited my site. She belongs in our genealogy group and on another list that I belong too. She also originally is from my home town. So I thought creating a get well card would be a nice idea. This sort of opens a door for me that I can do more cards as we go along for the ones who are ill, or for special occasions.
So thank you for the lovely visit, hello to Eve, Cindy, Effie,Maria, Sara, Harry, Jean,Rick,Paul,Maureen,Carole,and Carol, to Yolanda a new friend, and to all of you folks who dropped by.
Have a great day

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