Friday, January 04, 2008

I would like to introduce you to Buddy, he is part Beagle and part Basset, he was born Oct.6 2007 ,my son was also born Oct 6 and this is his and his family's new addition.
The story is, that the day before new years eve, my son and his family went to eat at a restaurant which was near the pet store ,so my daughter in law said,let's go see the puppies, we can pet them you know. So my son agreed and off they went to the pet store. They looked at the puppies and my daughter in law fell in love with this one. Remember I told you they had Fluffy which was a big part Lab? They lost her last summer. So my son and his family brought Buddy home to live with them. They all love him already.
Next I would like to update you on my nephew, we found nothing so far, but I have contacted different places who are looking. It is quite possible that Alderic is in British Columbia, because some of his in laws are there, I just found out that they are Gallegos Rodriguez according to the wedding invitation of Alderic and Argentina. I don't have the first names of the Rodriguez as yet. I have also contacted the salvation army who had me fill a form and they will let me know if they find anything. I spoke to the San Diago police, no record of Alderic anywhere. If I have more news will let you know.
Finally , I would like to say I have added more Cajun words and sayings on my website at go there,click on Cajun Acadian go to the bottom and click on Cajun Words and Sayings. I hope you like the page, I am always happy to receive more words and saying to add to my page.
I have two more things I will be adding on my website, am still waiting for permission to use certain photos.
I hope you enjoyed todays blog, thanks for stopping by,
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