Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I am beginning this blog by saying that for the ones who did not hear ,last saturday a group of basketball players from the Bathurst High School came to Moncton for a game. On their way home they had a terrible accident ,their coach was the driver, the road was bad and their coach was driving along with his wife and child in the van. They lost control of the van ,it skidded into an oncoming vehicle. Seven boys were killed along with the wife of the coach. Four people survived , the coach, his daughter and two teamates of the boys.Needless to say it was a very sad tragedy. Tomorrow they are having the mass said in their arena, all of the caskets will be there together. Everyone is feeling very bad for the families of these boys and for the family of the coach's wife. I was listening to the news, a Halifax basketball group are having tee shirts made with the names of all the boys who died on them. They will wear the teeshirt for their game tomorrow night. Moncton High was the last team to play them, so the Moncton Basketball team is going to wear their logo all next season on their shirts. Another school is taking a big white sheet and having all the students send a message. The sister of one of the boys spoke about her brother last night on the television, she said so many nice things about him and his friends The names of the boys who died were;
Nathan Cleland, Justin Cormier,Daniel Hains,Javier Acevedo,Cody Branch all 17,Nicholas Quinn 16, Nicholas Kelly 15. So please keep them and all their love ones in your prayers and also keep Mrs Lord the coach's wife and her love ones in your prayers also.
Speaking of prayers, we have a member in our genealogy group named Maria, she is in the hospital, so even if you don't know her , say a prayer for a fast recovery?
Well I have added more names to my acadians who went to war page, and more names on my Chartersville Cemetery page.
I am going to try and go to the genealogy center this week, I have some obits to search for and other things to look into. Keep your fingers crossed that I find what I am looking for.
Thank you for stopping by, and to all the families who lost their love ones in the Bathurst Tragedy, my heart goes out to all of you.

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