Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wooden Shoes, yes can you imagine our ancestors wearing these? Well when we went to Port Royal, we were told that they were very comfortable, I was very tempted to try them on, but I was a bit shy. Anyway these wooden shoes were usually made out of poplar tree because that type of wood would last longer. The ones who made the shoes would work on the wood when it was wet so it would be more flexible and the wood would not break as easy. To learn more about the wooden shoes go to http://library.thinkquest.org/C005615/data/english/games/woodenfore.html there is an
article on how the shoes were made long ago and how they are done today.
I came across an old postcard from someplace in Quebec of an old man sitting down smoking a pipe and I noticed he had on a pair of wooden shoes. Apparently they wooden shoes worn by our Acadian Ancestors were worn every day and for special occasions they wore leather shoes. One day I would like to return to Port Royal and try on a pair of these wooden shoes, just to say ,"Look I have on a pair of wooden shoes similar to what my ancestors once wore.
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