Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Hello my faithful readers, and welcome to all you newcomers. Well yesterday I had wanted to watch the fireworks but as it turned out, I had that flu, so decided to watch it from my room, but lo and behold, when the fireworks started and I went to the window all I could see was my big , enormous maple tree. So at least I heard the booms and saw a little bit of light here and there. grin.
I have been busy trying to create buttons for my website. I have made a few ,and they are not too bad for a beginner. It sort of encourages me to experiment a bit more.
I have also been searching on the net, for more links to add to my website. There sure are great sites out there. Such as the Terriot site, the Our Folks site, so I have added those to my link page. I am sure there are Terriot/Terriaults out there who do not know about the site. And the Quebec database is good also if you have french canadian ancestors. I have some, and I have Acadian, and English. Boy my English line is hard to trace, I cannot find much on them ,when they died and so on. And In England I am still trying to find information on my Chate line who were in Deptford England. Abraham Chate married to maybe Ann Rose. They had three kids that I know of, one was my ancestor Abraham born 1697. When he arrived in New Brunswick he got some land and on the deed he is named Chate, from then on he is known as Chase. I know on my Williams line I won't be able to go further since Williams may have been his first name William from Bristol.So that line is sort of harder to trace. I would have to find every first name William born in Bristol around 1750.
So if I can find my Abraham Chate line I will be one happy lady. My Acadian ancestors, were Cormier,Leger,Bellefontaine,Breau,Dupuis,Surette,Lirette,Martin,Boudreau and others. So I have lots of Acadian blood, French Canadian, I have Bergeron,Soucy,LeBel,Cloutier,Nadeau,Bouchard,Boilleau, and more.
One of my group members posted a message today saying that The Olive Tree has added a page on identifying old photos. I think that is a great idea. I would love to have a site that we could all add our oldest photos, and identify them , so that we could exchange them. That way if one person would lose the photo, then the photo would continue elsewhere. I love old photos, just found one in a book I borrowed of the Cotton Mill in Moncton. My grandmother , her sister, my dad's aunts all worked there before they were married, and my grandmother got married in 1915. So that is a long while ago. The building is gone, the ancestors are gone, but there is still a photo left.
Have a great day everyone

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