Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hello everyone, well I haven't posted in a while, so I have decided to share my trip with you. I have already added my trips to my website at but I have omited many photos and information to use on my blogs. So I shall begin with my trip to the Cabot Trail. The photo above is the Saint Anne Bay, I took this photo from our little cabin we rented.We had gone to Louisbourg and decided to do the trail. We arrived at our cabin around 6pm and we did not want to go any further that night and the weatherman had forcasts rain and thunder showers.

So it was rest time. The next moring we were on the road bright and early. Instead of starting on the other side of the Cabot Trail which would have been better we were told because we would be on the side of the mountains looking down, but we did not know this. So we began our trip the opposite side but that did not stop us from seeing such magnificent sites. We stopped at different stop areas and took photos. As you see the photo which I tried to add below the St Anne Bay one and it did not work,smile. Isn't it a beautiful site?
We continued along the trail until we reached the entrance to the National Park named Ingonish and had our breakfast. It was a nice restaurant and the food was great. Then we continued on the trail stopping when we could, taking more photos. I even took photos while we were driving along. You can see one of them on the main page of Acadian Trips on my site.
We climbed mountains, and we went down mountains, some places we had to shift to low gear to descend. There were lots of Moose Crossing signs along the way, since moose like hills and high grounds but we were fortunate not to have one cross our path.
Next we were on the opposite side of the trail Pleasant Bay, next Presq'ile then Cheticamp.
To be continued.

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