Sunday, July 15, 2007

Well our trip continued along the Cabot Trail, we began seeing Acadian flags, and Acadian names, next we arrived at Cheticamp.What a lovely little village, we stopped at a bakery to ask directions and the people were so friendly and they spoke to me in French. We were told to keep going straight, first stop was at the Trois Pignon, pictured above, the genealogy place. So my friend is not into genealogy so I went and checked the books, and found one on the Poirier Families. Which I proudly bought. Next stop was, you will never guess. yep Tim Horton's Coffee Shop. Sitting there, a man asked us if we were from Quebec, no we said we are from New Brunswick. He continued to tell us he has been to our hospital and has a girlfriend on the outskirts of our city. Small World huh? Next we went to the wharf, the photo above was taken by me when we arrived. We were also told that the lobster season was over for them and crab season was opened. We continued our trip, next stop was the church. What a beautiful church. I took some photos of the inside, and while we were there I burned two candles, one for my father and one for my late husband. I felt good doing so.
Then we decided we would not be sleeping over and we were going to try and make it back home that same night. So we left Cheticamp for home. Crossing the Canso Causeway,I told my friend, next time we come this way I would love to stop in at Pomquet, my reason was because some of my members of my acadianroots group has asked me to do some lookups for them at the genealogy center. And lo and behold my friend turned off at Pomquet. Well you can imagine how happy I was, so I said I want to take a photo of the church, arriving at the church guess what was on the side ? Yep a cemetery and yes I walked to it and yes i copied a few names but it was getting late and we wanted to make it home before it got too dark. But I was pleased with the little visit to Pomquet. So we made it home before dark. And it was a lovely trip. Next I shall talk about other things I saw, with photos.
To be continued

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