Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hello and thank you for stopping by, because today I am a bit sad and I needed to tell you why. When my son was engaged to my daughter in law he got her a puppy for valentine day, I remember that day so well, they had gone to a pet store and saw this cute little ball of fur, but they walked away and went to the restaurant they could not get this cute little puppy out of their minds so they went back and got her. They named her fluffy, she was part golden lab and part german shepherd. And they took her home, my son got married four months later, and while they went on their honey moon I took care of Fluffy. Then they found out that they were going to have baby, oh my what will Fluffy do to the new baby, it was panic time, but not to worry, they laid the baby girl on a blanket and our Fluffy walked up to her, sniffed a bit and laid beside her, she would do that each time they laid the baby down, then another baby came along and it was the same thing over again. Now it has been over 14 years and our Fluffy had to be put down today. My son called me yesterday so very upset so I went over yesterday but we did not have a muzzle for her and she was sick to on our way home last night we picked up a muzzle and returned this morning, the kids were sent to their other Nanas , my daughter in law had to work , that left my son me and my friend to take care of Fluffy. We were told to give her a gravol to make her sleepy, she did not want to eat so I said put it in some ice cream, she gobbled it up no problem. Then my son had to put the muzzle on and did it ever hurt him to do so , since Fluffy had never ever wore a muzzle. then we wrapped her in a blanket and put her in the van and took her to the animal shelter , They helped us to take her inside. I felt so bad for my son. I tried to comfort him saying she wants to go, that is why she isnt eating . And you are doing the right thing. We had her cremated and the ashes will be ready in a few days, so tonight I phoned to see how my little family was and my son said Mom we just made a decision, my grandson is to make a little cross, and they will bury Fluffy near to where she always laid, and they are going to plant a little tree nearby. I said that is a nice thing to do, it will bring closure to the family.
I want to add something sort of genealogy related, do you remember I told you I made little books for the grandchildren one about my mother, one about my late husband? Well I also had made one for my grandson, and it was all about FLUFFY. And I remember closing that little story saying, when I am gone you can tell your little boy or girl someday that you had a very nice dog named Fluffy.

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