Sunday, July 22, 2007

Acadian Food and Acadian Gardens. To begin with , I took the photo of the garden at Fort Louibourg ,so this would be how our ancestors probably did their planting. That is not the way I did my garden, I did mine in rows, but this way looks much easier.So the Acadians planted corn, turnips,potatoes,beans,carrots, cabbage,and their herbs. If you check out my Beaubassin Trip in my webpage at I have added an exert from a man who went to Beaubassin and the meal that was served to him. The acadians loved their mutton and fish. The next photo depicts a potato pancake, I ate that one at Annapolis Royal, there was a market on the saturday so my friend and I went there, when I saw the sign potato pancakes I thought they were crepe rapees , but nooooo they tasted like a fish cake sort of, they were made of cooked mashed potatoes and fried golden brown. They were tasty, but I much prefer my grated potato pancakes.
Well as you know I am always trying to think of things to improve my site, and help my members, now I have created a room at my , there we can chat , add photos, add events, so far it is going quite well, but to join you need an invite. We are posting some of our ancesors photos and other photos as well. If you just surfed in and are interested in joining please coment here or go to my website and email me or join my acadianroots group. In my acadianroots group, we cater to Acadians and Cajuns and French Canadians are always welcome, if we can help you in any way we will try, also maybe someone out there may like to also come in and help with lookups. I just finished adding some marriages for Saint Louis de Kent parish in New Brunswick. So now it is coffee time. Thank you for stopping by, hope to see you again.
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