Monday, July 02, 2007

How was Canada day? Well I do hope that all of you Canadians had a great day. We decided to go watch the fireworks ,they were being held at our river front. So we stopped at a store , picked up some munchies, I got a 7up, some chips and a chocolate bar. MMM I was all ready, had my camera. So off we went, boy there were lots of cars, all lined up in parking lots, in grocery store lots, behind restaurants, even across the street and folks were walking over to the side of the river. (Petitcodiac). So we found our spot, the car was pointing towards the riverfront. There were lots and lots of dark clouds above. I thought to myself, well the fireworks will show up good. OH here comes a police car. He sure is driving slow. We decided to walk to the side of the river when the couple in the car ahead of me were walking towards their car. They yelled " Cancelled until tomorrow night". Grrrrrrrr. Ok then we are going to go to a movie. It is starting at 920 pm. It is 9 pm. I haven't gone to a movie in a while. Got there, all excited to see the show. The show started at 820 . Grrrrr. On our way home , driving on the road, I wasnt watching where I was going and instead of taking the center lane , I was on the outside lane, got to the lights (it was a turning lane) sob sob...Got home decided to watch a movie on television, laid back the story was getting good. Poof I fell asleeep.... haha.
Well as you know I am planning a trip to Port Royal, I have been searching for campgrounds, a friend of mine suggested some campsites. Boy there are some nice campgrounds around.
And I have also been looking for information on where abouts or around where my Barthelemy Bergeron lived, and where Jacques Leger dit La Rosette lived. I found where Jacques lived, and I came across two articles on approximately where Barthelemy lived, he lived near Abraham Dugas. Jacques Leger lived near Roundhill. I would love to go walk near where they lived , just to say I have walked where my ancestors walked. I also want to go to the Deportation Cross is in Grand Pre. I have the instructions on how to get there. I am hoping to be able to go sometimes next week.
Maybe after my trip I will have lots more to share with you. So have a great day,thank you for dropping by.

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