Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Acadian and their herbs. Well as you look at the bottom photo, you will notice all the various herbs hanging from the ceiling, this is how our ancestors used to dry their herbs. Once they reached their dried stages, they would store them away. Notice on the top photo all the different drawers and all the herbs inside. I found these photos in Port Royal on my trip last of last week.I read somewhere that some of our first acadian ancestors brought their own herb seeds over to grow in the new land. I tried growing summer savory a while back. And I succeeded in doing so. Once the bushes had grown and were at the picking stage, I carefully removed them from my garden and I tied a string to bunches of branches, then I hung them in an upstairs closet and spread newspapers on the floor. Well needless to say, everytime I would go into the closet, I would get the nicest smell from the summer savory. Then I stripped the summer savory from the dried branches and put them in containers. I used it in my Chicken Fricot, in my turkey dressing or beef stews. What a lovely flavor. Now come join me next time, with my next set of photos and information. Thank you for dropping in.
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