Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Through the eyes of Mom and Dad. The photo on the left is how Moncton's Main Street looked like around 1930. My parents married in at the moment you are looking at the way it was during their young years. My mom used to come to Moncton to visit her best friend with her Dad before 1932, her friend lived on Robinson Street.For the ones of you who are familiar with Moncton, you will know of the subway overpass which is where the train is passing. To the left is the Grand Opera House where Moncton's cultural events took place. I found these photos in Dan Soucoup's Old Moncton Book. I was very impressed. To see all those old photos of long ago along with short stories
Now the photo on the top right is Moncton is what I saw through my younger years. I remember
Woolworths, and about where the white car is on the right side, was the street where I worked before I got married. The street next to that one was Robinson Street where Mom used to go visit. And My great grandfather and his family lived on Lutes and Robinson long ago.
To the left of the photo is the Subway Block , it is still there today, and if you look on the photo of 1930 you will notice it there also. It was built in 1918.
So thank you for strolling with me down memory lane
Have a great day

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