Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Going back into the past, we are looking at two photos, the one that has two square openings was the ovens that they used to bake their bread at Fort Louisbourg. Now there were more than one oven, but one of the ovens baked 75 loaves of bread. So you can imagine if they had 6 ovens going at one time, that would be bread for many soldiers. The soldiers were each rationed one loaf of fresh bread, but in order for them to have fresh bread daily, they would share their bread among the other soldiers and the other soldiers in turn would share their bread .The bread was not given out on all the same days, this way by sharing their bread the soldiers had fresh bread daily. The next photo was taken in Port Royal. This would have been a typical fireplace that they would also use ,for heat and to cook their meals. I noticed how nice the heat was from these fireplaces at a few of the rooms we visited. In Fort Louisbourg it was quite cold since the Fort was on the waterfront, so when we entered a room with a fireplace and heated with wood, ahhhhhhhh it sure felt good. Did you notice the broom near the ovens? Many of the brooms were made with corn stalks. And the round wooden barrels? Some acadians used their barrels to hold rain water. Some used them to salt their meats and vegetables and I am certain they had many many other uses for their barrels. Perhaps to store their flour? It is so nice to be able to go to these forts and museums to have a glimpse of the past and the history of the way our ancestors lived. Thanks for stopping by, and do come again.
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