Sunday, June 03, 2007

Well summer is finally here, with the summer comes warm weather and to clue you in ,(grin).Today we took the dogs to the park. IN our park we have a special dog run, which is all fenced in. Lots and lots of trees. Anyway we walked in with our two dogs, about six other dogs came to greet us. We walked around a little and decided to sit on a bench and just gaze at the dogs running and getting their exercise. When all of a sudden, I felt something on my hand, I looked at there was nothing there. So I watched the little dogs and the big dogs, it is so funny to see they interact, the big ones go see the little ones and then they leave them alone, then they all go check out our old dog, and all seem to respect him, probably thinking OH we had better let the senior alone. smile. Ouch something bit me, right on the arm. Yes you guessed it, MOSQUITOS , sob sob. So that is when we made the big decision, we are taking the dogs home. grin. But the weather is so beautiful. One morning early I would just love to go walk around the little island in our park. There is a path all around it. Maybe I will go before summer is over.
Yesterday was also a great day, I went to yard sales. There was a community sale, so my brother, cousin and I left early and headed towards that sale. I parked my car and we walked all around the neighborhood. It is amazing to see how many other folks enjoy going. I wanted to find a cooler, and I did, I wanted to find a bark collar for Thunder, I did, I wanted to find music boxes, I found three nuns, I wanted a bell, found one. grin. So as You can see I did very well.
And I always look for genealogy books during my hunting. I saw the book Roots by Alex Haley but did not buy it, I am looking for genealogy books or history books that may have my ancestors mentioned inside.Or stories about villages in New Brunswick, or Nova Scotia, or Massachussetts, especially New Bedford and Acushenet. You never know what you find at yard or garage sales.
I want to change the subject and add that I have added some names from the 1871 census for Bathurst and Beresford on my website at So if you happen to drop by please check them out, and if you have old acadian recipes you are welcome to share them with us on our acadian recipe board, and if you have little stories about your ancestors we have a memory board, your stories regarding your ancestors are welcome.
Thank you for the lovely visit, do come again.
Have a great day

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