Sunday, June 10, 2007

Good evening, and nice to see you as usual. Well yesterday I went to my grandaughter's 13th birthday party. It was so nice being with the kids. I brought along my new yard sale bingo game, and had the kids sit and play for little prizes. They were excited , and for a while my grandson was sort of pouting because he was not winning any prizes, and there was this little four year old girl also who had not won. So I made the games very easy, two top corners, so the little girl needed O 64, oh I saw that number,called it and she won, my grandson still not winning, smile, so I said ok next is two top corners, he needed B6, Oh I see B6, a big smile appeared on his face. smile. So that game went well. Next it was Pizza time, and then opening of the gifts. Now do you remember long ago I mentioned my grandaughter had a little friend with MS? Well she was at the party also. When the kids went upstairs, my son carried her up, when they came back downstairs my son carried her down. But what touched me most of all is she was always sitting near my grandaughter. And when my grandaughter read her birthday cards out loud, her best friend was right by her side.
Later I went up to their room, and told my grandaughter that maybe one day I would get her Dad to take her to the Mall and we would go shopping. The little girl with MS replied OH Can I go too??? Then my grandaughter quickly said, her mother is buying her an electric wheelchair, and she is going to take us to the Mall. Oh I said then you can come too. She had a big smile and said I love you. grin. So it just goes to show us, that friendship has no boudaries. I am so proud of my grandaughter. When I left I told my grandson, memere loves you just as much and your birthday is next. He smiled gave me a hug.
And finally I must add this, My mother came to the party, she is 89 and was the oldest guest, she has only missed one birthday ever since my grandchildren were born, and during the party, my daughter in law's niece came in with her new ten week old daughter. My daughter in law took the baby, walked up to my Mom and placed the baby in her arms. My mother took that baby put her on her shoulder ,patted her back, talked baby talk with her. It was so nice, I took a lot of pictures, I had two pictures taken with my mom, me, my son and two grandchildren, next I got my daughter in law (who hates taking photos), her mother, and the two grandchildren. I said to my daughter in law's mother, we never know what tomorrow will bring, so now is the time to do these things, one day the grandkids or their kids will be very glad we did.
Sorry I went on and on about the party, but I wanted to share this with you.
Again take photos of the older members of the family, take notes on their stories, jot down notes about their medical problems and so on.
So thank you for reading today's blog, and have a very nice day tomorrow.

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