Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hello everyone, thank you for the lovely visit, I hope you are confortable. Well I have been busy these last few days, I have added some 1871 census for Beresford Gloucester County NB and some Westmorland County NB marriage records that were registered in New Brunswick on my site
I have also created another blog, it is called Acadian Cousins Cousines. I am hoping to get that blog going with lots of stuff on it. So please check it out and if you feel you would like to join in, please do so. I would love to hear from my Acadian Cousins and Cajun Cousins, French Canadian and French Americans are also welcome to join us.
Changing the subject, I was talking to my son earlier today, and yesterday was his wedding anniversary, and he said he wasnt thinking it was that day, so my grandaughter went upstairs and said Dad Heads up, today is your anniversary, she is only 12 years of age. smile. Saturday she turns 13, and she wanted a tshirt of the Toronto Maple Leafs, they are some hard to find, but I found one for her, she will be pleased,and every birthday I get her a birthday doll, it is a collection that goes up to age 16 or 17 , I have faithfully gotten one for her every year.
For my grandson I was collecting the Cherished Teddy Bears, but they went out of circulation, so I cannot get him any. He is also into Hockey, he is a Montreal Canadian fan, he is only 11 . smile. But they are both so special.
Have a great day

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