Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My meeting with Maria went very well. This morning I was up bright and early and ready to go. Our plans were to meet at ten am at our local mall. So I arrived first and ordered my favorite coffee. Yep you guessed it, Tim Horton's. I arrived around 930 am and at our local mall there is usually other folks that I know. So this morning was no exception. three of my first cousins were sitting together, so I sat next to them and had a very pleasant chat. Next came another couple I knew from school days, we chatted about our school teachers. All the while I kept looking for Maria. Ooops there she is. So I changed tables and we had a very nice and enjoyable chat. We chatted genealogy, we chatted about our families, we chatted about people we knew in common. And Maria brought me down a little gift. And in case I never mentioned it, I collect bells and music boxes, and Maria brought me two little bells. One is blue and looks to be quite old and the other one is a little angel bell, I did not have either of them. So now I have two more bells.
As for our photo, well my two cousins were behind us, so I asked one fo them to do the honors and take our photo, grin. She took two with my camera and two with Maria's. So now we have souvenirs to keep. Maria told me she went to Taylor Village and there was an english cemetery and she took some photos, she said she thinks that there was a Williams buried there, she is going to check her photos and see. So who knows it could be one of my ancestors. I will wait until she gets back home to know.
Maria said to me, do you ever wonder about what our ancestors did or looked like or what they ate. I said yes I think of that every day. That is why I took a trip to Taylor Village a while back , just to walk where some of my ancestors were.That is why I want to take a trip to Port Royal ,and Grand Pre this summer. If and when I do I shall share my trip with you.
Thank you for listening, thank you for dropping by.
Have a great day

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