Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Another day has come and gone, where does the time go? I seem to remember when I was young, time seem to stand still. Our days seemed longer, now I open my eyes and poof, time for bed. Smile.
Well I wanted to find something to add to my new Acadian Cousin Blog, and I found something that is on line, and has been for a while, but I posted it on my blog. I laugh everytime I read the Diary of a Snowshoveler. So please check it out. I changed a few names to Acadian names to blend in with my blog.I really don't know the author of that article but if I knew I would congratulate him, because his diary has made so many people laugh.
On another note, yesterday I added a few marriages from Kamouraska Quebec on my website.So if you entered this blog via another way, go to www.acadian-roots.com Click on Quebec Marriages on the left sidebar, I only created the page yesterday. There are lots of my ancestors on the page, Lebel, Nadeau,Bergeron,Soucy plus others not related. Enjoy.
It is beginning to look like rain, the trees are blowing in the wind, the sun is hiding. Rain is good for the gardens, and for the flowers.
Have a great day

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