Friday, June 08, 2007

Hello again, so nice of you to drop in. You must know that you are always welcome to my blog . smile.
Today I was sitting in the doctor's office ,waiting for a friend, and while I waited, I did what most of us do. I picked up a book, naw that one doesn't seem interesting. Oh here is a medical book, I will browse through it. Well it talked about our lungs, it talked about out hearts, it talked about our diet. Then I saw two words that really made me alert. FAMILY TREE. Oh I have to read that page, for sure and certain.grin. So it is on page 8 . Hmm page one, page three, oh page eight there it is. My eyes got wider. hmmm what can a family tree have to do with medical??? As I began reading, all I kept thinking was Oh I must share this with my online friends. So here is what it was all about, and I personally think it is a great idea, especially for us genealogy researchers.
When we find an ancestor or ours, see if we can find out the cause of death.When we find an aunt , an uncle of ours, find the cause of death.Write it down among all our genealogy notes.By writing down medical things about our ancestors and relatives, it will give our decendants down the line something to see if their illnesses were inherited by us or our ancestors. It can help the medical profession, and you never know , by what we write down , it could maybe save some of our great grandchildren's lives one day.
Oh if you have family with illnesses such as Alzheimers, MS , Parkinsons, Heart problems, cancer, diebetes,make notes, put the notes where you are sure they will someday be seen. I already have noted in my book that my late husband had Alzheimers, and his grandmother died in a mental institution , in those days they used to say they were crazy, but I wonder if she wouldn't have had Alzhemers back then, and now my sister in law has been diagnozed with Alzheimers. Can it somehow be inherited? I wonder.
On a lighter note, tomorrow is my grandaughter's 13th birthday, she is having a party and she decided she wanted Pizza instead of hot dogs, smile. So I guess we are having Pizza. My mom is suppose to come , if she does, I want to take a photo of her(she is 89), myself, my son, and two grandchildren. That is IF I can get the kids to stay still long enough , grin. I am looking forward to my visit with them. They are growing so fast. I am very happy my Mom got to see them grow to be so big, and to be so nice . I am proud of them, and also proud of my son and daughter in law. Sometimes I wish my husband could open his eyes, to see how they have grown, when he died one was 5 and one was3 . The 5 years old was my grandaughter and she still remembers her papa,and remembers her papa calling her a bad kat. smile.
Have a great day

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