Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Well it is time for a coffee break so thought I would come in and chat with you. Today was sort of an off day for me , first of all I decided to get up bright and early and go spend some time at the genealogy center, showered ,dressed and out the door I went, I was going to do wonders when I got there. But as I got out of my car someone called out , Aline we are closing at ten forty am, sob sob. So I went in anyway and found something for Don to help him. Next I did more of the Summerside Parish Records, then I came home.
Now that was not the end of my day, yesterday I had made some ground beef stew and it spilled over on my burner, I forgot about it, and decided to make a pot of coffee. Put the pot on the stove and Poof the stove was on fire. What do I do, What do I do. Oh I know ,I will throw some Baking Soda on the fire. Whew it is out. What a relief. I know nothing can go wrong now. WRONG, I got home from Tim Hortons, began sweeping my kitchen floor, and what do I see on the ledge around my kitchen wall? you will never guess in a million years. What is that? I asked. Oh noooooooooo. Mice droppings whahhhhhhhhh. sob sob. I don't like the little critters, remember I told you that once there was one crossing my floor as if he owned it? Well I am not at that place now, I thought I was free of Mice. sob sob.Anyway I phoned my cousin who lives two doors away and told her about the mice, she said holy moses there is one running across my kitchen floor right now. gulp. I just put some warfarin and water where the dogs could not get it and where the mice were. Hope it works.
So I am not moving from my computer Just in case something else goes wrong .grin.
I have added more Marriages for Summerside and need to add more births. I may change my sidebar around on my website I will see.
so have a great day and please hope that I don't see a mice if I do and you do not hear from me I am either hanging onto the chandelier or on top of the roof.
Oh nooooooooo some mosquitos got in the house . Ouch.......Pretty soon I will be singing" they're coming to take me away haha, they're coming to take me away heh heh....
Have a great day

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