Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hello everyone if you look at the photo on the left you will see the train and a group of people lined up.Well yesterday my friend and I went to a safety day held by the Railway. Seeing as I am a widow of a railway man I was invited and my son works for the railway.

We had a lovely day for the picnic. And they had entertainment for the kids, one was guess the answers to some questions asked by one of the volunteers. For instance who was the prime minister of Canada? Then the kids would run up to give their answers, then they received a prize. My son and his family were there with us. We all were given a railway cap, I had my photo taken with one on, but I looked awful so I will not share it with you. grin. They gave out free hot dogs, soda, and ice cream bars. All you could eat. They had a little fire truck giving rides to the kids, and then they had a train ride that you see in the photo. It picked up passengers every half hour, and we were there in the line up for three tries, the third try we got on the train. My friend said, "I haven't been on a train for 40 years, my daughter in law replied quickly "and it will be another forty years before I get on " haha.

I enjoyed it. I love the train. And I enjoyed being with the grandkids .So I wanted to share this little adventure with you.

Well I have added some births and marriages on my webpage for Summerside Prince Edward Island. Go to the Parish Records and Acadian Marriages on the sidebar. Enjoy.

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