Saturday, June 23, 2007

So far I am not on the roof, nor hanging onto the chandelier,I don't have one so I would probably be hanging onto a ceiling fan or something. grin. Well no sign of the little critters so far, I don't think they took the bait, maybe they are intelligent beings in the form of mice? But I received a call from my cousin who lives a few doors down and she wanted me to take her over some bait, she saw two running across her floor so far and one was fat. I said "oh oh a mother " But they are eating her bait. Mine is still there, no tracks around either.They must be laying in wait until I go to bed , then they have a party. hmmm.
Well as I mentioned before, I am planning on going on a trip to Grand Pre and to Port Royal Nova Scotia, sometimes in the middle of July. I also told you I bought a tent. Last night I decided to take out the tent to see if I could set it up. Hmmmm so many pieces, poles and tent. Ok instructions said lay flat on the floor , so I laid flat on the floor haha, oh they meant lay the tent flat on the floor. Ok, that is done. I laid it down in my spare room. Ok next it said lay the poles like an X over the tent. Done. Now insert the poles in the little pouches, Oh one is easy. Now the next one. Crash ,Bang down goes my potted plant. Down goes the little table holding the potted plant. What a mess. Just figured out why. The room is not big enough.
Guess I will leave it for now. So it is still on the floor as it was yesterday. I will have to try and set it up outdoors where there is lots of room. They say oh just follow the instructions and no problem. Who do they think they are kidding???? smile. But the tent will be mastered before our trip.
About our trip, I am getting excited and anxious now. I plan on taking a note book, my camera, some mosquito repellent, and planning to hit some Tim Horton coffee shops along our way. We found out today, that we can leave the dogs at the kennel late the night before we leave at no extra charge so that is great, we will be able to leave earlier and get in a good days start.
I will check out the genealogy books at both Grand Pre and Port Royal.
In the meantime I want to go back to the genealogy center, some of my group members at my acadianroots club has suggested some records that they would like to see on my site. So I want to look into that.
I hope you enjoyed your visit and that you will come by often . If you want you can always leave a comment to my blogs. Have a great day

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