Thursday, August 30, 2007

You never know what you find when you dig. Archaeologists dig, they find bones, they find old china, they find old pipes, and old foundations.
We who do genealogy, we who do family trees, we dig, and we search , and we uncover great treasures also. We find who we are, we find where we come from. We find old photos of our ancestors.
Some find that their ancestors were pirates, some find that their ancestors were of royal descent, some find that their ancestors died tragically, others find they have a mixture of english, or irish, or native american, or french canadian, or even african descent. We have bad guys in our lines, we have good guys in our lines. Never the less we should all be proud of who we are. Because right now, we who are researching our roots, are a very special breed. We are leaving something behind us when we leave this earth. Maybe this is why we are here, to do this digging and writing things down. So that history will be retold over and over again by our descendants. I am proud to be a little part of all of this.
Now on a sadder note, two days ago someone I knew died tragically, he was working for the city and putting up the signs for constructing, when a big tractor trailer crashed into him. He had just gotten back to work after two weeks holidays, and he was planning on retiring next year. His name was Butch, and he was a very kind man. His mother was in a nursing home, and he would visit her everyday faithfully, feed her, and run errands for the other patients, and talk to them. After his mother died he kept on going to the nursing because he had become fond of other patients too, so he would run errands for them.
He was a drummer in a band for many years, he was also a runner. It is so sad when someone leaves for the day and doesn't make it home again.
So to all you truck drivers and all you drivers out there, please be very careful, drive safe, sometimes people don't look where they are going and sometimes people dress in dark clothes and cannot be seen at night. Again please drive safe everyone and please stay safe.

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