Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hello everyone, thanks for the visit. To begin I would like to tell you that I do things on impulse a lot of the times. This morning I came online, and then I thought, gee I would like to go to Prince Edward Island and maybe do one or two cemeteries. So I asked my friend to come , we left here around 1130am. The weather was beautiful. We crossed the confederation bridge and arriving on PEI we stopped at the tourist bureau, I wanted to know how to get to Egmont Bay and to Rustico. So we got a map, and decided to go to Egmont Bay, and if we finished early to go to Rustico. It was a lovely drive, seeing all the potato fields, and the green grass, and the water. We passed though Abram Village, and we were not far from Mont Carmel, I saw the church there and was very tempted to do that cemetery instead of Egmont Bay or to do the both. But we kept going towards Egmont Bay. We arrived there , found the churches, the old one and the new one,but no cemetery in sight. So we seen this elderly man riding a four wheeler, and we stopped, and said do you speak french or english, he was french, where is the cemetery? we asked, OH he replied I am going that way follow me. So we turned my car around and followed him right to the cemetery. The cemetery is located near the water, there were people swimming nearby. So we went into the cemetery and I had taken my tape recorder with me, so I began by recording the names, my tape recorder is staticky, anyway I taped for 60 minutes and my recorder stopped, so the next step was pen and paper, many of the stones were not readable, could not even see one letter or one date, so we had to skip them, so many of the ancestors would have to be found through the cemetery plans.
There were lots of Arsenaults and Gallants in that cemetery, some Bernards, Gaudets,a few Cormiers and Legers (very few) and other surnames. We were in the cemetery for over three hours, the sun was hot and the mosquitos were coming out , I did not do the latest ones buried there, a few were in the older part but the last ones buried, I did not do, since it was getting late, and I was getting hot and getting a sunburn.But I really enjoyed being there. We passed by the Miscouche genealogy center, I would have loved to go in, but today it was not possible, perhaps I will go back before the winter comes.We arrived home at 830 pm. I wanted to share my trip with you. If you live near a cemetery, it would be a great thing if you could go into the cemetery and copy the names and dates, and maybe even donate it to your genealogy center. And if you want to ,I can also add it on my website at with your name as the source.
Oh and don't forget that August the 15th is Acadian Day so go out and have a great time.

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