Friday, August 10, 2007

Mice Mice go away, Aline would really like to stay. grin. Yep another one bites the dust. I live in a neighborhood that has old buildings so I guess the mice enjoy them. I have been looking for a place , so far no luck since I am a bit picky, I don't want to go back to the country.
On a more pleasant note, I received some mail today from a Bergeron Cousin from Louisiana, the article was regarding Barthelemy Bergeron's father in law. Seems that his father in law Jean Serreau dit St Aubin found out that a certain Jean Terme was romancing his wife Marguerite Boileau. Jean warned Mister Terme to leave his wife alone, but Terme did not heed his warning, and one day Jean Serreau caught them holding hands and filled with anger and fury he picked up the nearest wood or club he could find and Whack he hit Jean Terme over the head and knocked him out dead. Hmmm. Jean Serreau had to leave town, he went to France where he received a pardon from the King and returned to Canada.
Speaking of romance, did I tell you that when my parents met, my mom was barely 14, my dad was 9 years older and they decided to get married, now my mother's father was away a lot but he did not appove of his daughter married at such a young age. That did not deter my parents, they would meet at my great aunts place and on a little wooden bridge to make plans. One day they took the train went into the city and got married by a baptist minister. OH that did not fare very well, the parish priest found out about it and he went and broke them up, sent my father home and my mother to her place. Then the priest wrote to the bishop asking permission to bless their marriage, the bishop agreed and they remarried. All this time my grandfather was away. When he returned and found out his daughter had married, he was furious , and my parents avoided him, but my grandfather was not finished, he went over to my father's fathers place and burned down his barn. I found this article regarding this in our paper, and saved it.
Aww The Things that Love can Do, it can be long ago or even today.
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