Saturday, August 25, 2007

Can you believe it? Our summer is nearly over? But I do love the fall, with the changing colors of the leaves and it is cooler. I love taking rides in the country ,down some little unknown road (with lots of gas in the car ,grin) and admire the scenery. The colors are spectacular, oranges and yellows ,reds and greens.
Well I have been busy with my genealogy research , I have added more names to my database and I am at awe at what I find. I was told we had some native american blood, I said 'I don't believe it". But lo and behold a few days ago , I trace one of my lines that I had not ventured into and yep, one gentleman married a native american. Well that did not satisfy me, so into Stephen White's DGFA I go. Yes again it is true. I am truly a great mixture, someone said I was a Heinz 57 , I am really believing that I am. But nevertheless. I am so grateful for all the ancestors in my line. Because without all of them, there would be no me, and without me there would be no children and grandchildren that i love so.
And I have ventured where no Aline had ventured before, grin. I decided to add a photo gallery on my website , now what software do I use? I checked out so many of them, I even downloaded a few but when it got to the hard part of setting them up, this little brain of mine went into a slow mode. grin. So finally I decided to add coppermine photo gallery. I still did not have a clue what to do, but to begin I downloaded it, then what? So I contacted my webhost ICD Soft, and let me tell you, the support I got was the greatest. They had patience with me, and without their help, there is no way I would have understood all these php, and msql and so on. Now that It is on my website, I would like to change the theme, the colors but again I have no clue what to do, but for now at least there is a photo gallery. I want to post and others to post our ancestors in order to be able to share with others. I would love to see new photos with some of my ancestor on them. So I keep hoping there will be photos as such.
I still have our chat room at my and I really enjoy it because we can chat off the genealogy subject, we share photos there too.
On Labor day weekend (next weekend) if the weather permits I am going to Prince Edward Island for two reasons, first I am going to try and do one cemetery, I sure hope the rain stays away, and then I am off to Abrams Village for a festival and exhibition. So please keep your fingers crossed that the weather will be nice.
Thank you so much for the lovely visit, do come away.
Have a nice day

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