Monday, August 27, 2007

Well you must have missed me a little, but I was unavailable for a short while, I was swinging on my chandelier for about fifteen minutes, to begin with I have my private little computer room, I thought I was snug as a bug in a rug, so earlier today I made a cuppa tea and decided to come online and work in my private little room. I had set my cuppa tea down and stepped out of the room, when I opened the door, I saw it. I looked again . Yikes ! A MOUSE was laying on my carpet, I yelled helppppppppp. My friend came running in, by that time I was hanging on my chandelier. Get it out, Get it out. When the mouse was out of my little room, do you know I had even forgotten I had a cuppa tea. It sure was cold by then. Now I am back here, and I keep looking around. I am ready to make a quick getaway if need be. sob sob.
On a nicer note, I went and picked up the books I had made for my grandchildren for Christmas, I am so very pleased with the results. I am sure the kids will love their little story books created by their memere.
I changed to look of my photo gallery today , it looks nicer, and I had my first user add her photos today.
I phoned the dog kennel to set an appointment to take the dogs there while we go to Prince Edward Island on Friday, I checked the weather, so far there is a 10 percent chance of rain on one day and 30 percent the next day. Sure hope it stays that way.
We are going to Abram Village but first I want to do a cemetery if possible. Abram Village has a festival every Labor Day weekend, people go in load by bus. So the crown will be very big. It should be fun.
Will keep you posted, thanks for the visit
Have a great day

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