Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It has been a few days since I last posted, but I have been quite busy, first with my yard sale. I decided to make one on Friday and Saturday. I had five tables to set up, and lots and lots of stuff to unpack. Well Friday it was windy, so I made it a short day, tables had to be cleared and put away again, Saturday at 7am I was out there hauling the tables back to the field and loading them up again. Let me tell you that at the end of my sale, I did not feel like dancing. grin.
I had the two dogs in the back and one of them is a yapper, and a customer mentioned my dogs, and I said do you want them? I was just kidding, anyway today Tuesday a loud knock on my door, I opened the door and this couple was standing there, I said yes? They replied "you said you had a dog to give away? " haha. I said I don't think my friend will ever part with them and I said I was just joking. So they left.
And I have finished my page on one of my Metis lines, I was looking for a beautiful native american song, and I found one but I had to buy it so I went to a video site and the site said I could use the video, so I have added it to the bottom of my webpage . If you go to my website at www.acadian-roots.com click on Acadian/Metis. Scroll to the bottom of the page you will see the url and the name Ashne Ate........ Hope you like it because I sure do.
I also added a list of links at the bottom of the page to other native american sites. Some are very nice sites and I notice so many people so dedicated to their work and on creating very informative sites.
Thanks for the visit do come again.

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