Thursday, August 16, 2007

Acadians came from all over to celebrate the Acadian Day Festival. The weather did not dampen their spirits, as you can see by the sky ,the rain was not far .I attended two celebrations, first we went to Cap Pele, and watched the clowns with the children, listened to a musician called Gary Donelle, it was the first time we heard him singing Acadian songs, he was very good, he ended his set with the song Lac Bijou , a song by Zacharie Richard, I loved it. They had face painting, and lots of people had their faces done. In Cap Pele they had a dish of smoked fish, a lot of people were nibbling on the pieces. From Cap Pele we headed back towards home, and we went to the Dover Park in Dieppe, that is where the photo was taken. It was a huge park, they had dignitaries, and they also celebrated the opening of the Internation Kite Festival, with people from 17 countries participating. The music was fantastic, one of the bands was Reveille, and they really had the place clapping and dancing and singing. It was a great experience to be able to be among all the celebrations. If you would like to see more photos and more of the festival go to click on Acadian Road Trips and enjoy the photos. I held this little acadian flag while watching the activities and just when it was nearly time to leave, I broke my flag. So I am putting that I want a new one on my christmas list. grin.
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