Saturday, August 18, 2007

Another year older. Well today was my grandson's eleventh birthday. So my daughter in law asked me to pick up some little prizes for the kids. There were six kids invited plus my two grandchildren. So off to the dollar store I went. I picked up some little prizes, umbrellas for the girls and games for the boys. I picked up the little gift bags to put them in, plus some candies. So arriving at their home today, I decided to do a treasure hunt game. While the kids were in the house I snuck outside and placed the little gift bags in the backyard, one in a tree , one under another three, one along the tree lines and another one elsewhere. Then we got the kids together and told them, Bobby you look for a bag with a dog, Jimmy you look for a bag with a flower on it, Mary you look for a bag with a pink stripe and Joey you look for a bag with a rooster on it. It was fun for them as you can see in the photo. They were running , and laughing and one by one they found their gifts. Next I put nine candy rings in a bag and said look inside the bag very fast, now guess from one to ten how many are in there. So a little girl guessed it, she won the prize. Next came opening the gifts, eating pizza and having cake. All in all my grandson had a great birthday.
Now in my family when my grandson has a birthday we buy a little something for my grandaughter, and when she has her birthday we buy a little something for my grandson. Today I got them some school supplies, and inside my grandaughter's bag I slipped a photo. The photo was of me at her age, and I had long shoulder length hair,thick and light brown, my grandaughter has long black hair. And I pointed out to her how my sweater was buttoned all wrong. smile. So now she has a photo of her memere at the same age as she is now. I know she is going to put the photo away in her special bureau drawer. I do hope that years from now when I am no more, that she will still have that photo of her memere. After the party my grandchildren said bye Memere I love you. That sure made my day.
And today I added their school list of supplies into their family tree book so years from now they will look at the book, laugh and say wow those were the school supplies I needed way back then.
Thanks for listening , have a great day

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