Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Poem to begin todays blog, sent to me from a friend in Connecticut ,I really liked it and hope you like it too;
" Among my many memories
Is Grandpa's ole Straw Hat.
It was his companion outdoors
Wherever he was at.
He wore it out in the fields
Where he worked long hours each day
When he was planting corn and beans
Or working in the hay.
When he would go to the barn
He wore overalls of denim blue
And his old straw hat on his head
For he had chores to do.
Sometimes he'd sit on the creek bank
Where he would fish awhile
The sun beat down on his old straw hat
But on his face he wore a smile.
His old straw hat had seen better days
It had been the best of its kind
But it was getting tattered and worn
But didn't seem to really mind.
He was contented in his old straw hat
Whether working or at rest
He was satified with what he had
Yes! Grandpa was the very best.
by Frances Carter.
Now I really loved this poem. I remember my Dad always wore brimmed hats . He always wore a shirt and tie, and I remember my Mom ironing and starching his white shirts. No matter where Dad went , he always looked good. And when my Dad's hats would wear out, my brother used to cut the brim off and make a hat and add some trinkets out of boxes of cracker jacks onto the hat. Some of my brother's friends began doing the same thing, it was their fad at the time.
Ah, those were the days, and these are the memories.

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