Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hello everyone , today I would like to talk a little about our group called acadianroots in yahoo. We are over 300 members and growing. Our room is not like the usual genealogy room, our room has feelings not saying other rooms do not , but the members of our group are willing to help if need be and looking for help also. But at times we do talk about other personal things, things that make you smile, and add to the fun of genealogy. If our ancestors were here, they would agree that we don't only want Joe was the son of Henry who was the son of Francis, they would want little tidbits said also. What I am trying to say, is if we have a little humor into our genealogy research I think it is a wonderful thing. It makes us want to go back to the group . So to you members reading this let's find our roots but let us also lighten up a bit .We are growing to be one big family and I really like that idea.. And in the room there is a location where you can opt not to receive all the messages in your email, you can change your messages to no mail.....That is what I have done, I go to the group and read the messages on our board........
At the moment we are also on the subject of DNA, which is very interesting. It is amazing to be able to determine if your ancestors were European, Native American, etc. I would encourage especially the women to have their maternal lines done, especially if you descend from an acadian woman, because as you know there were lots of woman who were thought to be Native American, because no information on them were found, so through DNA some have already been found to be European and some were Native American....So this is a way of knowing once and for all who these first ladies in Acadie were . So in other words , no more guessing, now down to the truth or proof.
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