Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Good morning, nice to see you. Well if you read my winter blog you will see that we have a our first snowstorm. My son phoned me last night and he told me that the roads home from work were very slippery, there were lots of fender benders, seeing people have to adjust their driving speed. I have a little Saturn so I will not venture out onto the road unless they are well salted.
Well I have finished the Pre D'en Haut Cemetery. I never realized how big the cemetery was, I have driven through that little community long ago, my late husband had cousins living there and I came across their tombstones while I was copying the names from Lucie's site. As you know this is a project between Lucie and I on these cemeteries that are on her site. She will be adding more possibly after the holidays , unless she decides to do some before. I am not going to do the Saint Paul ones from her site since I did that cemetery myself not long ago. So I already have the names but not the exact location in the cemetery. You can still go to Lucie's site for Saint Paul but you will have to look for the stones. Maybe later on I may compare her stones with my names and give the location. But I want to first add two cemeteries which Lucie and I both agree should be online for you.So keep checking our sites. I think you will all be pleased in the new year.
Hope you all have a great day

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