Saturday, December 30, 2006

Hello everyone, I hope all of you are doing ok. As for me, well I am doing just fine. Christmas Eve I delivered the gifts to my grandchildren, then went to My Mothers. At my mom's place we were quite a few, and everyone had a stocking filled with lots of goodies, we had a nice lunch, and then I came home early. Christmas Day I went to my son's home for turkey supper with my friend. It is the first christmas that I do not have a turkey dinner for my son and his family, I missed it. Next year if God is willing I will make my turkey meal. I took lots of pictures. Tomorrow is New Year's eve and we are 4 couples going out, the hall is not far away so I am happy with that.
Now on a different note, I have finished copying all the names on the Saint Anselme Tombstones that Lucie has on her site, I have put them on my site . For the ones who do now know where Saint Anselme is, well it is in New Brunswick Canada. While doing the names I came across an uncle of mine, that I thought was buried in another cemetery. So if you would like to see the tombstone of your ancestor if he or she is buried in Saint Anselme, go to my website if he or she is listed then go to Lucie's site at and you will be able to find the stone much easier the way we are doing this. I would like to end this blog by wishing each and everyone of you a Very Happy New Year, may the new year bring you much love, happiness and good luck
have a great day

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