Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Hello again, thank you so much for dropping by. Well I do hope you all had a lovely christmas. I had a nice christmas, on christmas eve I went to my Mother's home, and spent time with my siblings, some of my nieces and nephews showed up also, it was nice seeing them. My brother had hung us each a filled stocking and he made us each a DVD of our last two Christmases that we had spent together, it made us laugh seeing some of the photos he had used. On Christmas day I went to my son's house for turkey and had a chance to spend time with my grandchildren. Boy they sure grow fast. The turkey was perfect and we had cheesecake for dessert,mmm.
Now I am back to genealogy, I have been filling my database in my new Legacy Family Tree software. And I have begun to do the Saint Anselme Cemetery names it may take a while but I will have it on my site soon.
I am also helping a friend to trace his Comeau line. So as you can see I have a lot of projects in the works. In my Yahoo acadian roots club I have decided to set my messages on the boards so that I can monitor them first in order to avoid as much spam as possible.
I do hope some of you received genealogy related gifts.
Have a great day

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