Thursday, December 14, 2006

A special Christmas Story I would like to share with you. Now some of you have heard this story before, some of you haven't. Since this is the Christmas season, I am thinking about my late husband, so here is my story.
My husband was diagnosed with Alzheimers disease in 1995. That was really a shock because he was a very intelligent man, he was an electrician and he knew his stuff. He could do cryptoquotes in his head by looking at the puzzle and figuring it out. Anyway to get to my story, he became worse and worse from walking to not being able., to talking and not being able to, to eating and then later having to have his food pureed. And he became bedridden and teminally ill, so I wanted to get him something the christmas before he died, I wanted to get him the Cassette of Ave Maria by Perry Como, I searched everywhere for that cassette, I even went to Ontario, but no luck. And on our local tv station there was this show called Yvonne Colbert on your side, and you could write to her if you needed help. So that Christmas I never got the cassette, and I wanted to much to get it. So in June I wrote to Yvonne Colbert and said, my husband is terminally ill, I am trying to find a cassette of Ave Maria. On July the fourth I got a phone call it was from Starr Dobson, she said Aline we went to a pawn shop and found an LP of Ave Maria by Perry Como, we have made it into a cassette for you, so Ron Shaw will be there tomorrow to present it to you and your husband. And the next day, I was presented with the cassette tape and the LP , and I went near my husband's bedside, and put the cassette in the tape recorder and I said to my husband, "listen honey" the song began to play and I saw a tear roll down his eye... I knew right then he was very happy.... That was July the 5, he passed away July 27. So that was my last gift to him.... I cherish this memory.....Oh and the pawn shop dealer heard that I wanted that song, and he gave it to them , no charge.

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