Saturday, December 02, 2006

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a great day. because today was not really mine. grin. First of all my water pump stopped my friend is in the hospital so I had to try and solve the problem , the plumber will be here tomorrow. Now that is not all that happened to me. I must tell you that I am terrified of mice and rats, and today I was sitting on the rocking chair minding my business, watching television, I had just put the dogs out for their run. And lo and behold, something was running across the floor, I could not believe my eyes, there was this little mouse going about 90 miles an hour and no table for me to jump on , and there I was facing this mouse. Gulp. What should I do? Shoo I said, Get out of here. He just looked at me , now I did not want to be attacked by a ferocious rodent like him or her, so from the corner of the room I spied the broom, so I slowly walked towards the broom, and ran all I could to get the mouse...... I did!!!!! grin. I figured it was either him dying or me dying of fright. Now I did not want to touch that little furry thing so I swept it in the dustpan and tossed him out as far as I could. Whew. Now I feel safer.... smile. Maybe I should stay up tonight with a shotgun in case others come. smile.
I am now in the process of doing the Pre D'En Haut Cemetery to add to my site with the url to go to Lucie's site to see the images on her site. I have copied all the names and now I am putting them in alphabetical order so it won't be too long before I am finished. Lucie has acquired two cemeteries that I know you will all be anxious to see on line, so after the holidays we will get right to it..
Have a great day

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