Sunday, December 17, 2006

Hello everyone, nice of you to drop in during the holidays which are very very near. I must say that during these times traffic is very heavy, so please drive safe while you are out and about.
I received an early present, my brother could not wait to give it to me because he knows that I love genealogy, and he came across the Personal Historian software and he bought it for me. I now have it on my computer, and I later found that I also needed Legacy Family software to go with it. So I decided to buy the Legacy familytree software. It really looks quite easy to use to far. I will also need to learn how to transfer the data to my personal historian. What I am going to like about the personal historian I shall be able to add stories such as I have been doing for such a long time in my books that I have researched.So after I have mastered the software I will let you know what I think of it.
I am very greatful to my brother, he too is into genealogy and he loves to save old photos as I too love to do. Earlier I told you that I had gone to the genealogy center and to make a long story short I received a CD that was redone for me from an old movie that contained my mother my father their house their cow their dogs my father's grandmother take around 1937. I had copies made for my siblings and my brother added it to a movie he made from photos taken at my mothers 88 birthday , and he did a fabulous job with it.....These are all things that may be appreciated when we are gone and the decendents have them in their possessions. I know I would love to find photos of some of my old Williams dit Bristol ancestors, since there are two branches that come down to me, my father's paternal line and my mother's father's maternal line. My father's line comes down from Augustin son of Thomas Bristol and Anne Landry, my mother's line comes down from Lucien Bristol son of Elie Bristol,(which are also Williams).
Maybe one day I will come across some of these old photos.
Have a great day

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