Saturday, December 09, 2006

Hello everyone, I know you are all busy getting ready for the holidays but I see that you took the time to drop in have a cuppa tea coffee or hot chocolate and read my blog. I have most of my shopping done, but I would like to talk a little about Christmas and suggest what you could ask for yourself for Christmas,well do not really ask but sort of hint, grin. Why don't you mention you would love genealogy books for Christmas? I know that if I got the New Brunswick provincial marriages I would love that or if I got the 1851 census for Westmorland County, I would love that, or if I got some parish records that have been done.Or the family tree software or even something for your computer like anti virus software.You can order most of the above online, the New Brunswick Provincial Archives have books for sale, the Centre D'etude Acadienne has books for sale and you can order online, and many genweb sites have books on sale, I have a publication page on my site you can order from and I noticed so has Lucie. Now I am mentioning New Brunswick but I am certain Nova Scotia has books for sale, so has PEI etc.
So if you of if you know others into genealogy this would be a great gift.
On another note I have finished both parts of the Barachois Cemetery and added them on my site .So the names are all in alphabetical order on my site and the location is listed on where to go on Lucie's site to find the tombstones. Boy some of those stones were hard to read, there are maybe about 4 or so that I could not read. Some I read partially. Lucie is getting Memramcook and Bouctouche among others so I think the next cemetery I will do will be Bouctouche and then Memramcook, these are big cemeteries, Memramcook is larger than Bouctouche. So it will probably take me much longer to do them .But I will do my best.
So hope you have a great day

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