Thursday, January 04, 2007

Well I think it is time I come in and have a cuppa coffee with you, well today I am having tea.
We are now beginning the year 2007 and it is time to begin new projects and finish the old ones. I have complete adding the names of the Sainte Marie de Kent Cemetery on my website. Lucie has added lots of cemetery images on her site, this is thanks to Hector, Jeannita and Francis who have travelled through the cemeteries taking photos with their cameras, It had to be a great task, because I did some cemeteries with a pen and paper, that was some job, if you look at the Grand Digue cemetery you will notice all the names I found, and Sainte Paul , and Richiboucto Village, and Notre Dame, and Irishtown, I walked through all of them, had I known beforehand that it would or was done by our friends I may have thought twice haha.....My first cemetery I did was the one on the Lewisville Road in Moncton, it is an old cemetery and now they are not burying anymore. I was up and there by 7 am , cars would go by (probably thinking what is that NUT doing there? but little did they know I am a GENEALOGY NUT grin).
So I will be adding more cemetery names on my site soon, and that is thanks to Lucie for getting together on that project. They say two heads are better than one, so everyone you now have double trouble , Lucie and I. grin.
I do hope you all have a great day.

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