Friday, May 15, 2009

What are Seniors?

Have you ever walked in a park and seen an old man, sitting on a park bench reading the paper? Have you ever passed a elderly lady in Walmart walking with a cane? Have you ever sat back and wondered about these elderly people?
Seniors are people just like you and I, the only difference is they have lived longer than we have.
If you go to nursing homes and look around, there are some elderly men and women who are lonely, many have lost all their friends they used to laugh and share stories with.
When I worked at a nursing home I seen them. There was this old lady who came from Ukraine , her name was Mrs Osanski or something like that, And she had no family, no friends, and no visitors. And when I used to go to her room, I felt so sorry for her , so I began talking a little and making her laugh or smile, and one day she sang me a song in Ukraine, and every time I would go into her room from that day on I would say sing me that song again? Well her eyes would light up and she would begin to sing. It was a good feeling leaving that room.
The elderly or seniors had a life, just like we have, they worked hard, brought up their families, some had large families ,others had small families. They hurt, they cried and they loved just like you and I. If you have grandparents, or even great grandparents, take time to visit and sit and talk or listen to them, ask them things, just so they feel that they are still important.
If ever you go visit some relatives at a nursing home or senior citizen home and you see an elderly gentleman or lady just sitting all alone, give them your biggest smile and say hello, how are you? You will sometimes see a nice smile or hello from them, and when you leave you will think "I made someone smile". It is a good feeling really.
The lady in the photo is my great great grandmother Marie Blanche Breau , she was married to Louis Legere in 1851. They had a big family, and she died in Notre Dame in 1922 at the time she was the oldest parishioner ,she was 94. Imagine if she were alive, the stories she could tell?
So do not think of Seniors as just Old , think of them as someone who played a very important role is this world of ours. Be kind to them, they sure deserve it.
For more stories on seniors, I have three pages on Seniors on my website at I have seniors over of 95 to 100, and 100, and over 100, very remarkable folks.
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