Thursday, May 21, 2009

Acadian World Gathering CMA2009

Yes I am ready and waiting to go to the Congres Mondial, maybe my hat should be a bit bigger? Maybe I will lose the tie, grin. This summer is going to be a great summer with all the reunions happening in Northern New Brunswick Canada, and in Fredericton New Brunswick for us. If you are interested, there are still tenting sites at Colibri, I phoned yesterday and there are tent sites available. We will be staying there. And they are saying that on Acadian Day August 15 in Caraquet this year is going to be the biggest amount of people they have ever seen. So get there early. We are meeting some online friends before the celebrations then its off to Acadian Day . But before our CMA reunions we have our reunion in Fredericton for descendants of Barthelemy Bergeron dit Damboise and Genevieve Serreau dit St Aubin. Did you know that Barthelemy was held prisoner in Boston and he was the first prisoner to be released by the English? And did you know he sailed with Baptiste? There sure must have been excitement in his life at times. I am hoping to take lots of photos of all our reunions so be prepared to see them.

On another note: for all you twitterers out there, I have taken the plunge and created a twibe, so I am calling on all Acadians and Cajuns to come join me , the more the merrier, you can do a search for my twibe at and I am under hobbies, and my twibes name is acadianancestors. This is new to me, so I am a bit unsure but will learn fast. My twibe is not only for genealogy but that is a plus ,it is for any Acadian or Cajun wanting to join in with others. So come one come all.

I am still working on my website at , the last I did was the memory pages for my Dad and late husband, there will be more added to the memory garden.

So until next time, thanks for the visit, hope I did not scare you away with my photo grin.

have a great day


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