Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fiddlehead greens

Have you ever tasted Fiddleheads? Do you know what they are? I can imagine many of our ancestors thought they were pretty good.They are very young ferns that haven't opened up yet.

They are usually picked around the first of may and can be found along the riverbeds or brooks and forest floors. They should be picked in the early morning and when they are very young.

They are a good source of Vitamins A and C .So yesterday while doing my grocery shopping I spotted a bin of these fiddleheads and I bought some. Today I washed them , cut off the ends and steamed them. Added some butter and a pinch of salt. Mmmm were they ever delicious. I should have bought more. grin.

On another note have you heard about one of the oldest living senior? She lives in New Hampshire and she is 114 years old, can you imagine being 114? Well what caught my eye was that this lady from New Hampshire is an Acadian from Bloomfield PEI her maiden name is Marie Josephine Arsenault.

She is the the first oldest person recorded on PEI. She married Walter Ray in 1922 according to her family. She was born 1n 1895 in Bloomfield PEI the daughter of Sabin Arsenault and Lydie Blanchard. She was orphaned at age 15 and worked to support her siblings. I was sent a couple of emails regarding this nice story and I have added a little bit of it on my website with permission from George Arsenault of PEI. I hope you have enjoyed todays blog and will drop by again. Thank you.

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