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As most of you know, I have listed Acadian Books on my website at , Some are on Acadian History, some are fiction and some are about genealogy. I have been asked to add this book among my French books, but I know some of you who do not speak French would still be interested in the book. Here is what the author has sent me.

LES REFUGIES ACADIENS en France tells the story of Acadian refugees in France, from the deportation from Acadia and Prince Edward Island in 1755 and 1758, through to their captivity in Great Britain between 1756 and 1763, to the attempts to settle them in Saint-Malo, Belle-Ile-en-Mer and Poitou in France, to their departure from France to Louisiana in 1785 (the story also continues with the Revolution). Thanks to extensive archival research in over 40 different archives in France, Spain, Canada and the Vatican, it gives some entirely new insights into the daily lives of the refugees, including details of those involved in tobacco smuggling around the Saint-Malo region in Brittany, France. Thanks to new research in the Archives of Seville, it also gives new insights about why many of the Acadians left France in 1785.
The book comes with a website where the transcription of more than 1,500 original documents can be accessed, and any reference in the book to a manuscript can be checked against the document, online. It is also possible to search the documents online for a particular family name, which will automatically retrieve all documents where this name appears.
The online database can be accessed freely from: (Canada) or (France).
An interview of the author from Radio Canada can be listened to at: (in French).

The book can be bought from the publisher, Septentrion ( ) or from Amazon (
Note I have also added this same information on my acadian-roots Book Corner if my French Books and English Books even tho it is only in French.


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