Monday, May 18, 2009


As you all must know, the CMA2009 is getting nearer. And there will be many of you coming down to New Brunswick Canada for the first time. If you do come down be sure to mark down the Acadian Village as a place to visit. I have been there and it is as if we are back into the times of our ancestors. I really recommend the visit. The Acadian Village is in Tracadie and Tracadie is near Caraquet. Anyway I was at a yard sale a few weeks ago and I picked up a book that had information about the village. The house above once belonged to a Martin family.
Jean-Baltazar dit Barnabe Martin was born Jan 4 1736 in Port Royal son of Jean Baptiste and Marie Brun.This family had settled in Port Royal since 1671 when Jean Baltazar married first to Rosalie Thibodeau. Around this time he left Port Royal. We find them among the prisoners in Halifax in 1763. Then he went up the St Lawrence River and married in Ile d'Orleans in 1767. It was with his third wife Marie Anne Levasseur that he eventually would settle at Sainte Anne de Fredericton in 1768. Three children were born with his first wife and four with his last wife. His sons all immigrated to Madawaska. Their home above was built between 1770-1780. The house was built like a log cabin,it was heated with a stone fireplace. Two adults and five children lived in that house at the time. As you can see the house is old and you can see all these houses at the Acadian Village , the workers are all dressed in Acadian costumes. I am hoping to go there again this summer during the CMA2009. As you walk through these houses, there is usually someone telling the story about the house or about the owner or about their way of life back then.
If any of you are in Caraquet on August 15th (Acadian Day) and you are around the carrefour in Caraquet around 11 am, stop by and say hello to me, I will be wearing Yellow.
Thanks for the visit, do stop by again.
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Lakebound said...

Hi Aline,

My name is Kevin Martin and I am a decendent of the Barnabe Martin line. I was recently doing a little research on the web about my family history and came across your posting.

I found it amazing the picture you were able to post of a Martin family house. I was hoping that you might have the name of the book from which you received the information, I would very much like to try and get a copy.

many thanks.


alineskee said...

Hello Kevin, I too am a descendant of the Barnabe Martin line through a daughter. I believe I have added my line on me website , the book where I got the photo of the Martin house is called Les Defricheurs D'Eau,it is in french .
Text by Cecile Chebrier and photos by Louise Blanchard.