Monday, May 04, 2009

Seeing old friends

Have you ever wondered what happened to your schoolmates, or people you worked with of long ago? If you would meet them again, what would you say to them? We need to remember that they have lived most of their lives without us .
Well last winter, I went to the bingo, one night and a sister of one of my old school friends was there, and she said to me,my sister is down from the States. I hadn't seen her for around twenty years. I said where is she? She pointed her out, and I walked over to her. I had been told that she was suffering from dementia so I was hesitant, thinking she would not know me. When I got to her table, she looked up at me and I said hello. She replies, you are Aline. Well just her knowing who I was really touched me. We chatted a little bit, and had our photo taken together.
And on saturday we went to a funeral for one of my friends in the country, and I knew that a lady who had worked with me when I was around sixteen years old, had married into the family.
I was sitting in the chapel, looking around, I think I was still looking around for a sixteen year old girl. grin. This girl that I worked with had jet black hair when she was young, so here I am looking at the dark haired ladies. grin. Anyway her sister in law arrived , and I asked her if she was here. She pointed at a lady two rows up from me, and said "there she is". And she called her over. She said do you know this woman? The lady looked at me and said, she looks familiar but I am not sure. I looked at her, and I would never have known her. I said "did you work at such and such a place?" Yes she replied, I said so did I , I said I'm Aline. Well , she called her husband over and introduced us "This is Aline, we used to work together when we were around sixteen years old. " Now that was a long long long time ago. grin. But it was so nice meeting her after all these years. It was a very nice feeling.
Now another nice little story I want to share is again about my Mom , I have more stories about Mom than of my Dad. Dad's memory wasn't as good as Mom's.
Anyway when Mom was a little girl around nine years old, her father went to work in Soldier's Cove on Cape Breton Island for a brief period. And Mom befriended a little native american girl named Mary. Mom said they always played together, and Mary had made Mom a little basket and Mom still has it. Anyway about four years ago, Mom took a trip to Soldier's Cove and asked about Mary if anyone knew her. She was told that Mary had married a mister Christmas last name. So Mom found out where she lived and went to see her. Well Mary was so glad to see Mom, she took Mom to the bingo and spent all the time that she could with Mom. They took photos together. Mom came home feeling so good, here she was in her 80s meeting an old friend of so many years ago one more time. Shortly after , Mary passed away.
Yes seeing old friends is a good thing. Because we can be here one day and gone the next.
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Linda Hughes Hiser said...

There are a few old high school classmates that I would love to find. I had the opportunity several years back when I received the class reunion booklet with e-mails and addresses....but I chickened out. I have become reunited with my college roommate of several years and we now e-mail and visit when we can.

Years back my Mom and I went to Pittsburgh to visit with one of her oldest and dearest friends. We had such a wonderful day together and several weeks later she died.

You are so's good to make the effort to find lost acquaintances.

alineskee said...

Hi Linda,
I believe that if your heart tells you to meet old friends and you have the opportunity, grab it. Because one day they will be gone or we will.
It did make me feel good when I met the lady I worked with even if it was just to say hello how are you.