Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Widow at 13 ,Millionaire at 34

I thought my Mom had married young ,she was 14 when she married my Dad, had her first baby at 15, can you imagine? Before I go on with my story, last night I went and stayed with Mom for a few hours and I am always amazed at her stories. We were talking about log homes, and she was telling me her father had built their log house, and she explained how he cut the logs and fit them at the corners and how they filled the cracks with Moss. I said the place must have been cold. She replied "Oh no, the house was warm" she continued to say he had dug a hole under the house and they would store their food for the winter there. Mom said they had steps leading down to the cellar from their kitchen floor.(Mom is 90 years old).
Now to the story: Found this in SHA (Societe Historique Acadienne) at the genealogy center. Now this might be among Clarence D'Entremont articles on line, but I have not noticed.
Anne Mius d'Entrement daughter of Jacques Mius D'Entremont and Anne de LaTour was born in Pubnico in 1694 and according to her mother's testimony she was thirteen years old when she married Antoine de Sallien sieur de Saillant in Port Royal July 18 1707. One month and three weeks later ,on September 8 Antoine de Sallien died of wounds suffered defending Port Royal from the English under the command of John March.
Anne Mius D'Entremont became the youngest widow in the Acadian journals and even in Canada. After the English conquered Acadia in 1710, Anne returned to Louisbourg where three of her sisters had married french officers. It is there on Feb 12 1716, she married secondly to the governor of Cape Breton Philippe de Pastour de Costebelle widower of Anne de Tours de Sourdeval. This marriage lasted but one year and a half because Philippe died at the end of October 1717. Philippe left her nothing when he died , he was so much in debt that they may have even confiscated her clothes and furniture to pay his debts.
Anne eventually ended up in France around 1718 to ask the King for help. This is when she headed for Bearn in the southwest of France,at the birthplace of the Baron St-Castin where her brother Philippe Mius d'Entremont who married Therese de Saint Castin daughter of the Baron was. This is where she met a rich Seigneur named Laurent de Navailles Subercase, abbe laique d'Asson at Bearn, Knight and baron of Labatut, Officer of the Navarre Regime,and of one of the oldest french families of whom the mother must have been related to Jean Vincent D'Abbadie de Saint Castin. This third marriage was held in Paris (ooo la la grin) at the Saint Eustache Church Aug.20 1719. She was given the title Baroness. This marriage lasted about nine years, this husband left her besides five children of a previous marriage, a great fortune, including numerous rents, and riches from all over. So she married young, became a widow three time, and she remained a widow for around fifty years and died October 15 1778 in her Chateau Navailles-Labatut in Bearn France.
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