Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Tragic Romance

Here is a story I got from a Our Newfoundland, by Larry Bourne:
The famous explorer Jacques Cartier was making his last voyage along the Gulf of St Lawrence. Among the crew and passengers was a man named Roberval, along with his niece Marguerite. She was extremely beautiful and headstrong,as event later proved.
During the long days at sea, bored by the inactivity, Marguerite struck up a friendship with an ordinary deckhand who was very handsome and had lots of charm.
The friendship grew into a full blown romance. The two young lovers met secretly whenever possible. Within the close confines of the little ship, it was a secret destined to be discovered.
When Roberval learned of their affair, he flew in a rage. Filled with anger and mortified that his niece would fall in love with someone so far beneath her station,Roberval insisted that the young man be marooned on an island thought to be off the coast of Newfoundland.
His plan backfired, however, when Marguerite ,headstrong as ever, went ashore with her lover.
Sadly there is no happy ending. The young man died shortly after. Marguerite was rescued and entered a convent. She died within a few years. The victim ,some say died of a broken heart.
I don't think I would have jumped ship and went ashore, not fond of snakes and mice. grin.
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