Sunday, March 01, 2009

Bergeron dit Damboise

If you are wondering what the image on right is, well I
will tell you. First of all I have been doing genealogy
since 1976 and I had always believed that Barthelemy
Bergeron dit Damboise was a son of Antoine Bergeron
and Catherine Scarron. Apparently there was a lady who went to France and she said that the father was
Antoine Bergeron. But no records has ever been found
saying Antoine and Catherine had a son named
Barthelemy Bergeron. A few years ago, professor
Marius Damboise from Montreal went to Amboise France and did some research, he searched the
St Denis parish records in Amboise France and
one nice sunny day he found a baptism of a
Barthelemy Bergeron born in May 23 1663 a son of
Rene Bergeron and Anne Dagault. He searched to find
another Barthelemy Bergeron born there, he found none. Now in July 2009 we are holding a Bergeron -Damboise reunion in Fredericton New Brunswick to honor our ancestor, because that is where he spent his final years. So I decided to write to the Mairie of Amboise to see if he would write us some kind of letter to read at our reunion. He did better than that, he sent me the copy of the birth of Barthelemy Bergeron ,the one you see above. He said they did a search in the records and could not find anything else on this family. As you can see the paper is turning yellow, think about it, the records are back in 1663. A truly good thing to share with everyone before the records dissappear. Now if I could only find the marriage of Rene Bergeron and Anne Dagault, where did they marry? Maybe Anne Dagault came from Nantes, remember Michel took the name of Michel dit Nantes. Also two daughters of Barthelemy and Genevieve were named Marie Anne and Anne Marie, were they named after Anne Dagault?
Maybe one day someone will find the marriage of Rene and Anne, since many France parish records are not being added on line.
Plans are going along quite well for our reunion, if the weather cooperates we will be fine, on the 18th we are all meeting at O'dell Park around noon, then the 19th we are having a Mass said, and then we are meeting at the Sainte Anne Community Hall . We have some important guests who are suppose to attend, we will have speeches, and prizes and a small lunch. There will be picture taking, and meeting new cousins. Some are coming from as far as Louisiana, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Maine, Mass, Quebec, Ontario etc. So I am looking forward to meeting new cousins.
My great grandfather Bergeron-Damboise lived in the country and once a month he and his brother would come to town, and go to a grocery store and run up a tab, they would buy their groceries and pay when their pays came in. And back then a can of lobster sold for fifteen cents, can you imagine? Today we are lucky if we get a cold pack for 20 dollars.
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mardoogle said...

Interesting post, thanks for sharing.

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Isn't it great how generously the genealogy community shares its information. You are off to a good start on your blog. Good luck.

alineskee said...

thank you Lori